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The Ultraviolet OZONE Generating System is the Space Age Way to substantially reduce the need for strong and corrosive chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. In the past (and still sold today), chemicals were being used as the primary water treatment method for spas and pools. Now there is a new light on the horizon. The Ultraviolet OZONE Generating System takes a giant step forward by using Ozone to dramatically reduce the use of chemicals. The OZONE Generator's Space Age Technology thrusts personal protection Light Years Ahead! Europeans have depended on "Ozone" to purify drinking water for decades.


Ozone substantially reduces the chemicals presently being used in your spa or pool. Enjoy your free time with far less bother or work. Ozone offers the following benefits:

  • does away with a majority of chemical use
  • greatly reduces spa/pool maintenance and operating costs
  • less handling or storing of harsh, concentrated chemicals

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